Thousands CC of Blood collected in the blood donation campaign launched by Mehwar-e-Mardom Afghanistan for Afghan National Security Forces.

Afghan security forces are fighting with much bravery and high morale against the foreign sponsored enemy and are sacrificing themselves to defend the country.

Afghan people are highly appreciating these sacrifices made by their security forces and strongly support their fight against terrorists.

Mehwar-e-Mardom Movement launched the blood donation campaign for Afghan security forces on September 9 which was attended by hundreds politicians, cultural and civil society activists, and youth.

During the campaign which was centered in Mehwar-e-Mardom central office and lasted for 1 day, thousands CC of blood was collected for the country’s security forces.

“The objective of this campaign is paying tribute to the martyr week and donating blood to the injured Afghan security forces”, said Hamida Osman, the campaign director.

She added that Afghan security forces are sacrificing their lives to protect the country and Afghan people, that is why they have launched this campaign for these forces.

The 18,000 CC of blood collected during the campaign is supposed to be utilized for the injured security forces across the country.